C200 HD Large format 'knob per function' Digital Production Console


Digital Production Console

The C200 HD provides the latest adaptation of SSL's popular in-line console heritage with a dedicated 'knob per function' control surface. The C200 HD is perfect for music production, where 'hands on' access to a large numbers of controls is essential.
In-line versatility and the provision of both Snapshot and Dynamic automation make the console ideal for both live-to-air and post production mixing applications. A special 'Mobile' configuration is also available for compact studio or mobile installations.

Key Features

  • Freelance friendly, 'analogue style' control
  • Dual faders (large and small) per channel strip
  • Flexible in-line channel configurations
    • 12 Main busses for Stereo/5.1 Audio Sub Groups
    • 2 Programme outputs (5.1 and Stereo)
    • 48 Multitrack busses with individual gain trim
    • Independent pre and post fader direct outputs
    • 12 Aux busses with odd/even stereo linking
    • 12 stereo FX returns
    • Sample-independent processing with options for 48kHz or 96kHz operation
    • Dedicated processing per channel strip
    • EQ and Dynamics DSP emulations
    • Full 5.1 facilities for surround mixing
    • Comprehensive dynamic automation and integrated 4-port machine control system
    • Mobile configuration for space/weight savings