Matrix² δeltaGive your studio a new heart


Mixing and Monitoring

Alongside its integration of your analogue and digital equipment, Matrix2 is a first-class SSL mixer drawing on our 30 years of analogue console design. The essential functions of recording and mixing; routing, level measurement and monitoring are organised and arranged to make everything available at your fingertips to streamline the entire recording and mixing process.

Matrix2 analogue architecture provides 32 channel inputs (each of the 16 channel strips has main and alt inputs). Each of the 16 channels has a direct output designed to be used primarily as a DAW record output. There are two Stereo Mix Busses and four Stereo Aux Returns with full stereo mix bus routing bring the total available inputs to mix to 40.

Powerful monitoring is a central feature of Matrix with independent Main and Mini monitor outputs, Artist Monitor output with independent EQ & source selection and three External Monitor inputs with source summing.


  • 16 SuperAnalogue™ channels - Each with two inputs per channel, a dedicated Channel Output, Stereo Aux Send and four mono Aux Sends
  • DAW automation control of Matrix - Motorised fader automation from your DAW via MIDI
  • Dual Stereo Mix Busses - With summing inserts and reassign
  • 4 Stereo Returns - With full stereo mix bus routing
  • DAW Monitor mode - Allows 'zero-latency' monitoring/recording
  • Stereo or 5.1. monitoring - With Main and Mini Outputs
  • Artist Monitor section - With independent EQ
  • 3 External Monitor inputs - With source summing
  • iJack monitor input - 3.5mm stereo front panel monitor input