Network I/OForward Thinking Audio Routing, Distribution and Control


SDI Manager installer

Control software for Network IO SDI and AES units.

Download the Network IO SDI Manager installer and X-point

Unzip the directory and run the "NetSDIMan" windows installer package following onscreen instructions.

You will then be able to run "Network I/O - SDI manager" and connect to your units for configuration.

Included are the 3 general usage crosspoint files as detailed in the manual.

  • 16 channels per SDI to and from the pair of MADI SPFs 2
  • 8 channels per SDI to and from the first MADI SFP 3
  • 8 channels per SDI to and from the Dante connection
  • 64 AES channels to and from the Dante connection

SB8.8, SBi16, SB32.24, A16.D16, A32 & D64 Downloads

SSL Network Controller Application

The SSL Network I/O Controller Application provides PC software based remote control for SB8.8, SBi16, SB32.24, A16.D16, A32 & D64.
Network I/O Controller V1.9

The Network I/O Controller Application is now also included with the complete upgrade package for Network I/O Stageboxes below.

Stagebox V3.1 Update Package

Contains installation notes, firmware, and the control application for Network I/O SB8.8, SBi16, SB32.24, A16.D16, A32 & D64 units.

Download and unzip the directory and follow the instructions in the Installation Notes document. The update order is important, follow the installation notes carefully.
Stagebox V3.1 Update Package

Previous Releases

Stagebox V3.0 Update Package
Stagebox V2.2 Update Package
Stagebox V2.1 Update Package
Stagebox V2.0 Update Package
Network I/O Controller V1.8
Network I/O Controller V1.6
Network I/O Controller V1.2.1.27818

PCIe-R Downloads

To download the Dante Controller and Audinate PCIe-R Driver software, follow the links below to the Audinate website:

Audinate Dante Controller:

Audinate PCIe-R Driver: