XL-DeskThe smart dumb analogue console.


Mix Busses

The magic of an SSL console x 4

Designed by the team behind Duality and AWS, XL-Desk delivers the kind of stunning audio quality only associated with SuperAnalogueTM SSL consoles. XL-Desk provides the sought after separation, clarity and punch behind thousands of hit records made on SSL consoles. Everyone agrees that the sonic magic of an SSL console happens at the Mix Bus but one bus is not always enough! Many high-profile mixers use multiple mix busses to create parallels or sub-groups of instruments, helping them to compress and manipulate sounds in unique ways. These 'tricks of the trade' are some of the most effective to help take a mix from 'good' to 'great'.

XL-Desk provides no less than 4 mix busses - A, B, C and D. Mix A is the master bus, from which the final stereo mix is derived. This has its own 100mm fader. Mixes B, C and D each have their own level control and crucially, the ability to sum into Mix A. All 4 Mix Busses have Direct Outputs for DAW printing, separate standard stereo Insert points and have the ability to access slots 9-16 of the in-built 500 format rack.

Key Features

  • 4 stereo mix busses (A, B, C and D)
  • Mix A has 100mm fader, stereo insert point, access to the G-Comp bus compressor and access to 500 rack slots 9-10
  • Mix B, C and D - Can be routed to Mix A, with independent level controls, stereo insert points, access to 500 rack slots 11-16.