XL-DeskThe smart dumb analogue console.

SSL XL-Desk monitoring


Comprehensive monitoring and communication

The monitoring system of any professional music environment is one of the most important parts. XL-Desk offers a pristine, SuperAnalogueTM monitoring section, packed with useful features. There are three sets of stereo monitor connections (Main, Mini 1 and Mini 2) plus a sub connection. These are controlled by a front panel button matrix with individual Level controls. The sub connection has bass management: When the SUB is engaged, the bass management sums left and right signals through a 3rd order low-pass (high cut) filter at 80Hz and sends the sum out of the Sub monitor output. Also, 2nd order high-pass (low cut) filters are inserted into the selected left and right monitor outputs. The bass management on XL-Desk is intelligent. It will remember if the SUB button is on or off for each speaker set. The Monitor Source can be selected from; Mix A, a separate External rear panel input or the front panel iJack input and a Mono button folds down these monitor sources to mono if desired. A Monitor SUM button allows any combination of these to be summed and monitored. There is a large Monitor Level control and an associated DIM button (with DIM Level control), CUT button and an AFL Level control.

Having clear and easy communication between the performer and the engineer/producer is crucial to the smooth creative flow of a recording session. XL Desk has two Foldbacks with individual Level controls and Talkback. Foldback A is fed by the CUE Stereo and Foldback B is fed by Aux 1. MON buttons below each Foldback's level control override the default Foldback source (Stereo Cue or Aux 1) and replace it with whatever is selected as the main monitor source. This is really useful for quickly playing back the studio control room mix to the performer(s) in the live room. There is an in built talkback microphone with a Talk button and Level control. A set of DIP switches on the rear panel allow the TALK button to be configured as latching or momentary. Also, Talkback can be set to either SUM with or REPLACE the existing signal. A Listen button allows the engineer to monitor a live room listen mic if one is connected and this too has a Level control. XL-Desk also includes the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor. This is an aggressive compressor ideal for ensuring a very strong signal from the live room listen mic but can also be used as a process effect to create the classic heavily compressed 80's drum sound which was created using this circuit. The XL-Desk Listen Mic Compressor has no controls, it is simply always on and it has a dedicated external output to facilitate its use as a process effect.

Key Features

  • Bass Management with filtering - Connect a subwoofer to extend your low-end monitoring.
  • Intelligent bass management automatically switches in or out with each speaker set.
  • 3-way speaker selector - Connect 3 sets of speakers up to XL-Desk
  • Large blue monitor level pot with variable DIM and CUT
  • Rear panel external input and front panel iJack input to Monitor section
  • 2 solo modes for channels - Solo-in-place (SIP) or After-fader-listen (AFL)
  • Monitor bus Mono foldown and monitor source sum
  • Front panel headphone jack
  • 2 Foldbacks - individual talkback to two separate headphone mixes
  • High-quality in-built talkback microphone mounted into the console's front surface.
  • Listen Mic input and compressor circuit - allows a dedicated 'listen' microphone to be set up in the live room, so that the engineer can easily hear what the performers between takes. In addition, a discrete Listen Mic output is available for recording 'that' legendary heavily compressed sound!