It’s more than just providing the right features, it needs to sound epic...

From complex TV audio post to Foley and dialogue mixing and processing, only SSL provides a set of production tools to suit all budgets and opportunities, where the first priority is making your productions sound amazing.

System T production platform for high-end post

Systems T’s balance of console, FX processing and features such as DAW control, Dynamic automation and immersive multi-channel mixing, provides a flexible and dynamic platform to meet the most complex of audio post production tasks. All that and of course, the SSL signature sound.

Fusion & SiX

Audio mixing and processing

Suited to any audio post environment, SSL’s production hardware and software products provide the perfect solutions for sound design, ADR, Foley and mixing. Our analogue products such as the compact SiX mixer and Fusion processor are ideal for adding a big sound to any production project, whilst the SSL Native plug-ins provide digital tools on your favourite DAW.

Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White

Fusion win for gaming

Principal composers Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White are the award-winning production duo, Finishing Move, Inc. Composing music and sound design for games, television, film, and ad campaigns, they rely on an SSL Fusion processor for their workflow on hugely popular games such as Borderlands 3 and the Halo series.

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