XL-DeskThe smart dumb analogue console.

XL-Desk workflow


There are good reasons why so many leading engineers and producers still choose to mix on a console, some of them because of sonic aspects and others because of workflow choices. Mixing out-of-the-box gives a wider sound-stage and a distinct colouration that no plug-in can equal. We’re also told that it is easier to get a mix together quickly with a console and that it feels more intuitive than a mouse. XL-Desk gives a full-featured console workflow, but with a project-studio friendly footprint under 1m2. With 2 insert points on each mono channel you can mix and match rackmount and 500-series processors to make the XL-Desk the hub of your hybrid studio world! Connect your XL-Desk to a patchbay for ultimate flexibility, and use the direct outs from every channel and Bus to print files back into your DAW for easy mix revisions.

The XL-Desk User Manual includes a series of detailed tutorials covering different workflow which can be achieved with XL-Desk, including the connectivity required to achieve them.

Subjects covered include:
  • Recording a small ensemble in a 'split' console style.
  • Recording a full Band and Monitoring Back via Stems
  • Creating Headphone Mixes for Tracking
  • Using 500-series Rack Slots 9-16 with Microphone Preamplifiers